love is the only adventure. you must make yourself remember.

TIME acousticvid

TIME acoustic

acoustic version of "time" off the For Love EP:
pennybirdrabbit Apr 05, 2014
pennybirdrabbit Apr 05, 2014

sad monday

Loss is a funny thing. It’s actually not ever funny. Not really one bit. It hurts. And it leaves a void, a bottomless ache; a type…

magic monday: be vulnerable

There are some thoughts I’ve been thinking that are becoming heavy and it’s causing my mind to sink into a place I’m not comfortable…
pennybirdrabbit Feb 25, 2013


<3. i made a movie. and an ep. and i hope you fellow alien creatures like it.   
pennybirdrabbit Aug 20, 2012
friend fridaypic

friend friday

if i could selfishly keep miss sirah in my pocket at all times i would. this fellow mini alien creature means the world to me…
pennybirdrabbit Jun 08, 2012

magic monday: endings and beginnings

I’m not really sure why good things end. Sometimes I think its because it’s important for us to feel loss. Maybe it’s important for us…

magic monday: trust life

I make this mistake where I reflect too much on the past. I sit for what seems like hours missing things, wishing to rewind time…

magic monday: be you.

“The grown-ups advised me to put away my drawings of boa constrictors, outside or inside, and apply myself to geography, history, arithmetic, and grammar. This…

magic monday: do so much more than exist.

I know you’re scared, and that’s ok. It’s ok to be afraid. Fear doesn’t mean that you are lost, or alone, or broken. It doesn’t…
pennybirdrabbit Apr 02, 2012

fox theater in oakland with porter robinson and the m machine

this past friday i went up to oakland for a show with my slush family: the m machine and porter robinson. <3. i cant tell…
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pennybirdrabbit Feb 28, 2012

magic monday: deserve your dreams.

I sat on the moon once with this alien creature, and he said three very important words to me. He said, ‘Deserve your dreams.’ I worry…
Magic Mondaypic

Magic Monday

nbsp; The saddest failures in life are those that come from not putting forth the power and will to succeed. You are someone special. You were put…

saturdays are now sidewalkchalkdays!

i couldn't sit still this past saturday!!! so i ran to the dollar store and got a bucket of side walk chalk. good thing i…
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pennybirdrabbit Feb 07, 2012

new years eve

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pennybirdrabbit Jan 31, 2012
hi im pennybirdrabbit.vid
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