love is the only adventure. you must make yourself remember.

TIME acousticvid

TIME acoustic

acoustic version of "time" off the For Love EP:
pennybirdrabbit Apr 05, 2014
pennybirdrabbit Apr 05, 2014

sad monday

Loss is a funny thing. It’s actually not ever funny. Not really one bit. It hurts. And it leaves a void, a bottomless ache; a type…

magic monday: be vulnerable

There are some thoughts I’ve been thinking that are becoming heavy and it’s causing my mind to sink into a place I’m not comfortable…
pennybirdrabbit Feb 25, 2013


<3. i made a movie. and an ep. and i hope you fellow alien creatures like it.   
pennybirdrabbit Aug 20, 2012

magic monday: endings and beginnings

I’m not really sure why good things end. Sometimes I think its because it’s important for us to feel loss. Maybe it’s important for us…

magic monday: trust life

I make this mistake where I reflect too much on the past. I sit for what seems like hours missing things, wishing to rewind time…

magic monday: be you.

“The grown-ups advised me to put away my drawings of boa constrictors, outside or inside, and apply myself to geography, history, arithmetic, and grammar. This…

magic monday: do so much more than exist.

I know you’re scared, and that’s ok. It’s ok to be afraid. Fear doesn’t mean that you are lost, or alone, or broken. It doesn’t…
pennybirdrabbit Apr 02, 2012

magic monday: deserve your dreams.

I sat on the moon once with this alien creature, and he said three very important words to me. He said, ‘Deserve your dreams.’ I worry…
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